A Blog for Genealogical News, Random Thoughts, and BSOs.

“Ok, I get the ‘genealogical news and random thoughts part, but BSO?  What the heck is a BSO?”  BSO stands for Bright Shiny Object.  Similar to a Rabbit Hole, or…’Oooh, Squirrel!’  It’s one of those little findings or ideas that just completely catches your imagination.  Sometimes they’re great as they lead you down fascinating little used paths to new and valuable information.  Those you follow diligently until you’ve examined them carefully and put them in their proper place in a report or file.  Others, though…others will not lead to a path; they lead only out into the weeds.  But what to do with them?  We had to pick them up to determine whether they were relevant to our search.  Must all of our findings suit some immediate purpose?  I say no.  They are so shiny after all and shouldn’t they be admired, too?  They shall have a place and their place shall be here, on this blog.

Please feel free to share your own BSOs!  You can add them to the comments section or email me your post, along with how you prefer to be credited (anonymous or by name/handle) and I will happily add it to the collection.

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