Family History Research

Genealogy is about your story, that long and winding path that led to you.  It’s finding out about those people lost to living memory who nevertheless still impact our lives today. Each generation provides to the next more than just genetics or an inherited estate — they provide lessons learned and a connection to places and people that grounds us, gives us the strength to weather whatever storms that come our way.  They give us perspective on our lives so that we know we can overcome whatever obstacles we face just as they did so long ago.  Their combined experiences give us our roots, our histories.  The history we are all taught in school is the story of the few who caught the limelight, but it is only part of the story.  Genealogy and family history research allows us to see the contributions of the many who never received their proper credit.

Genealogy has become one of the fastest growing hobbies in America as more and more people have come to realize the true value of knowing your own family’s history.  There has been huge growth in both paid and free services that allow regular, everyday people to do their own research.  That search can be time consuming, however, particularly without a thorough knowledge of the history of an area and the sources available.  Searching through page after page of microfilm, trying to decipher old, faded handwriting, requires an abundance of skill, patience, and a passion for the details.  Here is where a professional genealogist truly shows her value.  A professional with education and experience in history, law, sociology, medicine, and world cultures — a professional such as Crystal Burton — can apply all of that knowledge to ferreting out the small details that might otherwise be missed.  Details which can lead to other sources or offer greater insight into the lives of your ancestors.

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